Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Giant pile of links

I think the best way to start off this blog is with a giant list of all the other material sites I know that are RMVX-related. Yeah, I'm sending you somewhere else, as there isn't a lot of things posted here yet. :)

If you know of something (Only original VX materials & game-usable, not ripped) not listed and want to share, use the comments! I'll be adding some new links occassionally so be sure to bookmark this post if you're interested. There's over 100 of them below past the jump:

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English VX Material Sites

I'm not including community posts/sites or "general material dumps" albums here, especially the ones that don't provide credit. This area is to give material creators & small groups with their very own websites a bit more attention.

Daily RMVX Resources
Hmm... this one seems familiar!

Japanese VX Material Sites

I've tried to list them as the material creator. Add their site links as well in your credits! Please read their terms before using the material - some of them may have changed after I collected the links.

There are more, but most only have a small assortment of originals & edit/recolors. These are what I thought were the best of the bunch.

Portuguese VX Material Sites:


Rpg Maker VX scripts area
Small forum community

Other english communities

Creation Asylum
RM Network
RM Reviews
RM Sanctum
RM Unlimited
RMVXP Universe

I'm not listing the largest ones, smaller communities could use the links & members more. Pro-piracy ones won't be listed as I work in the software industry. (Note to self: Double check a couple of those up above...)

Somewhat-related english communities:
The ones below we've found from gamebaker.com's referer log. There are plenty more, but these don't seem to rip off materials from other sites and post them to theirs:

As a material maker, that's very irritating!

French RM communities:

German RM communities:

Italian RM communities:

Polish RM communities:


RMVX tools

English tools:
RMCharaGen (XP-styled VX character generator)
Japanese tools
Miscellaneous tools

GameBaker's Generators
A small collection of game-related creativity enhancing tools.

Seventh Sanctum
A wacky pile of generators when you just can't come up with any ideas.

Indie RPG promoting sites

Tales of the Rampant Coyote
The Independent Gaming Source (& it's tigDB)

There are others that don't have many visitors who are into the "console" or "jRPG" style most RM games are. Don't promote your game at these places unless it's both high quality & done!

"So you want to go commercial" article series

Pros & Cons of RM-style shareware
Be realistic about your goals
18+ ways to make your games better
Basic marketing/how to get more downloads

If you know of something not listed and want to share, use the comments! I'll be adding some new links occassionally so be sure to bookmark this post if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

The one you have question marks for is ran by Enu

-fork- said...

Aha, thanks! :)

PK8 said...

RMVXPUniverse is over at RMVXP.co.cc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude these links really helped me.

Ookie Panda said...

*drops her link in the pile and vanishes*